Aircraft engines have special designs

Designing an aircraft is not only about beauty. Every detail has a scientific explanation behind it. If you are an airplane enthusiast, you must have noticed its design. ever

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Have you looked at the plane’s engine? You may have noticed the spiral design on the aircraft engine. The question may have arisen in the mind, why is there such a spiral or twisted design drawn right along the middle of the engine of the aircraft?

At first glance it seems that the engine is designed to make it attractive. But it’s not. Such designs are not drawn to enhance the beauty of the eyes. There is also ্‌a scientific explanation behind this. Spiral in the engine

The design signals to the ground crew working around the aircraft that the aircraft’s engines are running. It also ensures that none of the crew inadvertently get too close to the engine. because,

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Getting too close to a moving engine is dangerous. The crew can easily tell that the engine is running if the spiral design painted on the engine rotates. They can be careful. spiral How does it work?

You can see the clear spiral pattern in the center of the plane when the engine is off. And if the engine is running, it will be rotating. Sometimes it looks completely blurry. Sometimes hypnotizing

Feels like a whirlwind. This depends on the speed of the aircraft. You may be wondering, the engine makes a lot of noise. So why the ground crew can’t tell if the engine is running or not by hearing that noise. First, they wear ear protection

stay They do not hear much outside noise. Secondly, there are many aircrafts at an airport at the same time. Multiple engines can be running simultaneously. So it is difficult to easily find which engine is on and which is off.

Protection from birds

Another reason for drawing the spiral design is to protect the engine from birds. This issue is similar to that of the ground crew. In this case the birds are alerted by the rotating spiral pattern. spiral in various studies

Spiral designs in aircraft engines have been found to reduce bird-related accidents. Although there are different opinions on this. One side claims that the rotating spiral design keeps birds from getting close to the running engine. other

According to parties, the engine rotates so fast that birds cannot see its design. However, birds avoid the aircraft before they see this spiral pattern. They are alerted by the noise made by the aircraft and its engines. Whether beneficial to the birds or not, this design certainly plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of ground crews.

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