Attention If your password is also on this list, change it immediately, these are the top 10 passwords

Every year cyber security companies or statistical agencies release a list of common passwords and the same has been done this year as well. A security company has released a list of the weakest passwords for 2022, which can be easily cracked. If you have used any of these passwords, you should change them as soon as possible.

NordPass lists the most common, or weak, passwords for 2022 list issued with. This list means that a large number of people use the same password. Every year, companies release a list of common or weak passwords and warn people not to use them, because they are very easy to break, but it seems that people are still not aware of cyber security.

According to NordPass, 3.5 lakh people in India use the word ‘password’ in their passwords. At the same time, more than 75 thousand Indians saved passwords like ‘BigBasket’. There is no special number or character in these passwords. Explain that a secure password is one that uses letters and numbers and special characters.

Talking about the 10 common passwords mentioned in the list, 123456, bigbasket, password, 12345678, 123456789, pass@123, 1234567890, anmol123, abcd1234 and googledummy are common passwords. Millions of people use these passwords.

Apart from India, this study was also conducted in 30 other countries, where it was found that passwords like guest, vip, 123456 are also heavily used. Every year researchers come to the conclusion that many people use sports teams, movie characters and food items as passwords.

Explain that it is not good to use common and weak passwords, because they can be easily broken, meaning that any of your accounts with this password can easily be targeted by hackers or fraudsters. And they can steal your personal information.

Gadget 360 does not recommend that you use this type of password. Always keep the password long and use capital letters, numbers and special characters in it. Not only this, keep changing your password after a while and keep your account as secure as possible by using features like two-factor authentication.


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