Battlefield 2042 Heading to EA Play, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Season 3

Battlefield 2042 is coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In a development update blog post, EA confirmed that starting with Season 3, its multiplayer shooter will be included as part of its subscription service, which also comes bundled with the premium Xbox game subscription program. The publisher has yet to reveal a release window for the next chapter, but hopes to catch up with wary players who have avoided the game since its problematic launch late this year. In December, EA scheduled free access sessions for all major platforms – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve done over the past 12 months so if you haven’t checked in yet, starting with Season 3 we’ll be launching Battlefield 2042 on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and making the game. available to subscribers through EA Play,” the posted learn.

In Season 3, developer DICE will re-introduce Classes to Battlefield 2042, placing Specialists within defined roles that see them equipped with a different set of gadgets, suited to specific situations on the field. Similar to previous entries in the franchise, Classes are divided into four types: Assault is equipped with a med pen, Engineer has a repair tool, Recon players carry a beacon, and support types have a defibrillator at the ready, to be quick. revival. This will be distributed as part of Update 3.2, scheduled for the first half of 2023, which falls on the last part of the aforementioned Season 3 multiplayer.

For those who can’t be bothered with EA Play or Game Pass Ultimate, EA has also confirmed a free trial period on all platforms, hoping to improve the player base of Battlefield 2042. The game was poorly received by fans and critics alike at launch. . , due to many problems, rendering problems, and underutilization of map segments. EA reduced development costs on a few symbolic features such as destructible areas and the campaign component, while not bothering to remove bugs before launch.

Here are the details of the Battlefield 2042 free trial:

  • PC (Steam): From December 1, 11:30pm IST/ 10am PT to December 5, 11:30pm IST/ 10am PT
  • PS4, PS5: From December 16, 9:30pm IST/ 8am PT until December 23, 9:30pm IST/ 8am PT
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X: From December 1, 1:30pm IST/ 12:01am PT to December 5, 1:29pm IST/ December 4, 11:59pm PT

EA also plans to introduce a new Expert soon, along with new battle passes, events, changes to the Battlefield Portal, and several quality-of-life improvements. Battlefield 2042’s “Manifest” and “Breakaway” maps are also being reworked for season 3, with the latter getting a “major overhaul.”

In September, EA launched Ridgeline Games, a new studio dedicated to the Battlefield franchise, which will focus on creating the right campaign experience. That part has been missing from recent entries, but it will see a major shake-up under the direction of Halo producer Marcus Lehto, who will lead a new Seattle-based team made up of industry veterans. The publisher first talked about creating a new team focused on the Battlefield campaign, a few weeks after the launch of 2042, completely overhauling its management. At that time, Vince Zampella, CEO, Respawn Entertainment – known for Titanfall and Apex Legends – was put in charge of the series, aiming to create “a unified atmosphere of Battlefield,” exploring new experiences and stories.

Currently, there is no launch window for Battlefield 2042 Season 3, but it will be out on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate once that happens.

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