How to sell insurance

Selling insurance is one of the most difficult and challenging professions in our country. Awareness among people about insurance is still low

much less In developed countries, customers go to insurance agents to get insurance and in our country, insurance agents go to customers to sell insurance.

Why is selling insurance a difficult job?
Awareness about insurance is the main reason. Don’t buy a product when you have no idea about it. Similarly, many people have very little idea about insurance or whatever they have is negative idea. So selling insurance is a tough job.

How to sell insurance
Understand the needs of potential customers. When you go to talk to a customer about your insurance policy, you need to understand the customer’s needs. The customer must understand what type of policy is required. Without understanding all types of policies, just present the one that is best for him.

What you say is important, but how you say it is more important. What will you talk about your policy in front of your potential customers?

Fix it in advance. Don’t talk too much or too little. Present the main points correctly. Also Read – A Life Insurance Actuary and its Qualifications

Don’t underestimate yourself. Many insurance workers suffer from almost inferiority complex. As an insurance worker you need to be active all the time. Speak clearly

in a nice way When you talk about the policy to the customer, speak with confidence. Know and understand everything about the policy in advance.

Can’t talk too much. When the customer asks about your insurance company or the terms of the policy, don’t exaggerate. Say what is true. Tell the truth even if it doesn’t sell.

Prioritize the customer’s profit over your own profit. Suppose you get high commission for selling a life insurance policy but when your customer is interested in buying a DPS policy, you sell him the DPS policy. customer

If he understands that you are trying to get him to take out a long term life insurance policy for your benefit, then the customer will take the policy to another insurance agent instead of to you.

Bottom Line: To sell insurance, you need to be honest, clear, fair, and considerate of the customer’s needs. Best wishes!

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