India’s fastest TVS Apache RR 310 sets a new record with a top speed of 195 km/h.

TVS Motor Company’s superbike Apache RR 310 is famous for its sporty looks and balance of comfort and power. Now, the company’s bike has beaten the fastest quarter-race time set by the Yamaha RD350. Yes, many major changes were made to this racing bike, but its design and many components were retained.

TVS Racing’s 10-time INMRC champion Jagan Kumar recorded an impressive quarter-mile time of 11.523 seconds in the drag race. At the same time, KY Ahamed finished second with 11.996 seconds. This time, the biggest change in the TVS Apache RR 310 was its engine. The power output of the engine used during the race is almost double that of the original road bike.

Not only this, the weight of the RR 310 bike has also been reduced for this record-breaking run. The racing version weighs 109 kg, which TVS says is 9 kg less than the company’s Asia One Make Championship-winning bike.

The engine of the drag racing version of the RR 310 produced 62 bhp during the race. Since the engine was turbocharged and included an intercooler and electronically controlled boost, the bike reached a speed close to 200 kmph in seconds.

The bike has been fitted with a new suspension. Not only this, TVS claims that different spring rates and damping have been retained in this version. Front forks were kept light and short. TVS has used lightweight materials such as carbon wheels, carbon fiber bodywork and subframe/seat. A new swingarm was installed, which was 30 mm longer. In addition, there was a lighter rear disc and caliper, a smaller radiator, and a smaller and lighter front wheel.


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