ISRO to launch PSLV-C54 with Oceansat-3, 8 Nano Satellites on November 26

The Indian Space Research Organization will launch the PSLV-C54/ EOS-06 mission with Ocensat-3 and eight nano satellites, including one from Bhutan, on a liftoff from the Sriharikota airport on November 26. The launch is scheduled for 11.56am on Saturday, the agency said. we are national. said the space agency on Sunday.

Asked about the passengers on board the rocket, a senior ISRO official told PTI: “EOS-06 (Oceansat-3) and eight nano satellites (BhutanSat, ‘Anand’ from Pixxel, Thybolt number two from Dhruva Space, and Astrocast – four units USA Space Flight).

Last week, ISRO announced that the payload capacity of India’s heaviest LVM3 rocket has been improved to 450kg through a successful engine test. According to the Indian Space Research Organization, the CE20 cryogenic engine designed for the Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LVM3) was successfully tested at an advanced level of 21.8 tons for the first time on November 9, the country’s national center. headquarters here said the statement.

“This will enhance the payload capacity of LVM3 to 450 kg with additional payload,” ISRO said. The biggest change made to this test piece compared to previous engines was the introduction of a Thrust Control Valve (TCV) to control thrust, the space agency added.

LVM3, a three-stage vehicle with two rigid belts, a liquid propulsion stage and a cryogenic stage, is capable of launching a four-ton class of satellites into geosynchronous transfer orbit.

“Furthermore, 3D printed LOX and LH2 turbine exhaust casings were installed on the engine for the first time. During this test, the engine was operating at about 20 tons thrust level in the first 40s, the thrust level increased to -21.8 tonnes moving the thrust control valve,” said the statement.

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