‘Made-in-Pakistan’ sherbet sold on Amazon under the name ‘Rooh Afza’ has been banned

You must have heard the name Rooh Afza and if not, then let us tell you that Hamdard’s Rooh Afza has been a favorite Indian drink for decades. Hamdard earns more than 200 crores annually with this brand name. This time you can guess how much this sherbet will sell for. Obviously, there must be adulteration of such a popular drink. Another recent incident like this stands out, where a Pakistani sherbet named Rooh Afza is being sold in India. Now, the Delhi High Court has banned sellers of e-commerce platform Amazon from selling sharbat made in Pakistan under the brand ‘Rooh Afza’.

NDTV for according toThe court’s decision came after a complaint by the Hamdard National Foundation (India), where the company claimed that sharbat produced in Pakistan was being sold under the company’s name in India. Please mention that ‘Rooh Afza’ is a brand of Hamdard Company in India.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hamdard, who had trademarked ‘Rooh Afza’ in 1907. The company sells products worth more than Rs 200 crore annually under this brand name.

The report says that Justice Pratibha Singh also said that if there is any other matter found to be infringing the trademark of ‘Rooh Afza’ of the plaintiff (Hamdard), it will be reported to Amazon India and will be reported under Information Technology. (Arbitration Guidelines) and Digital Media Code of Conduct) will be removed by law.

Hamdard National Foundation (India) and Hamdard Dawakhana claimed that a company called Golden Leaf was selling its products on Amazon India under the trademark ‘Rooh Afza’. Further, he was also informed that three items were purchased by him through the Amazon platform from three sellers and all the products were manufactured by Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan.


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