Oceanic+ Dive Computer App for Apple Watch Ultra Comes to App Store

The Apple Watch Ultra was announced in September as Apple’s newest addition to the watch lineup. While the Ultra comes with the usual Apple Watch features, it is designed for use in rugged environments, and comes with a larger titanium case, and an additional ‘Action button’. While the Watch Ultra has been on sale in India since its launch, one of the standout features was its ability to function as a dive computer for deep sea diving. As promised, the Oceanic+ app that enables this functionality has finally arrived on the App Store.

The tech giant has teamed up with Oceanic, a company specializing in diving equipment, to come up with the Oceanic+ app. It is available in the App Store and once installed on the iPhone, it also appears on the Apple Watch. The application, together with the special computer hardware present in the Apple Watch Ultra, turns the smart watch into a diving computer, and is able to transmit all the data needed by the diver during diving.

The Oceanic+ app offers an advanced set of features such as a built-in variometer, drift data and even an advanced GPS logbook among others. It is also able to monitor current depth, remaining dive time, and ascent rates. Data captured during a dive is automatically synced to the iPhone app when nearby.

The app is free, but advanced features can be purchased for Rs. 899 per month, Rs. 7,500 a year or even Rs. 89 per day. Another detail users need to keep in mind is that it only works with the latest Apple Watch Ultra as it is the only model in Apple’s smartwatch lineup that has the necessary hardware to be submerged in water to deliver dive data. an apple claims that the application is not only for deep sea divers, but can also be used while snorkeling or swimming at the surface.

To recall, the standout feature of the Apple Watch Ultra was its higher-than-usual battery life that Apple claims is good for 36 hours of use on a single charge. Apple Watch Ultra is available for purchase in India for Rs. 89,900. It sports a large titanium-grade 49mm body and offers dual-frequency support for GPS algorithms. Its action button can be programmed to perform various functions.

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