Reliance’s JioGamesCloud Now Available as Free Beta for All: Details

JioGamesCloud is now available for early beta access for everyone. Announced three years ago at the Reliance AGM event, the Indian cloud gaming service strives to bring high-quality titles to its platform, including the likes of Saints Row IV, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and more. Although it should, most of its program is not heard about mobile topics. Interested users can sign up for the JioGamesCloud beta program and test games from its catalog, on the JioGames Android app, their web browsers, and the JioFiber set-top box. Games are available to play immediately without the need for any downloads, installations, or updates.

Like all other cloud gaming services, loading and performance times are completely dependent on your internet connection. Gadgets 360 tested it on an Android phone, a Windows laptop, and a MacBook Air – and it ran smoothly at 16mbps with full HD 1080p graphics. JioGamesCloud is currently available for free, even for those with an Airtel or Vi phone number, we’ve got it. Although later, we can expect it to be locked after registration. It may work on ongoing monthly subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass, which comes bundled with Cloud Gaming but is not available in India. Back in 2020, Reliance Jio confirmed that it is working with Microsoft to bring the Project xCloud gaming service to India, although it has been silent on the matter since then.

JioGamesCloud controller support

On an Android device, JioGamesCloud works like most phone-based titles, with on-screen controls that can be extended via a Bluetooth controller. Meanwhile, the desktop version of JioGamesCloud relies on keyboard mouse setup, with additional support for administrators. Gadgets 360 tested both the PS5’s DualSense and the Xbox Wireless Controller that shipped with the Xbox Series X. Both worked – although the D-pad didn’t work on either, and the DualSense controller setup was odd and couldn’t be changed. JioGamesCloud FAQ section on the official website notes that “you may need a game controller (Bluetooth or Wired) connected to your Set-Top-Box. [and the JioGamesNow app to play on your television],

How to play games on JioGamesCloud

Logging into the platform requires a phone number, and it does not need to be a Jio SIM card, as we noted earlier. Hardware specifications are limited as well, only requiring a “stable Internet connection,” or recommending running titles on Google Chrome “for the best gaming experience.”

Games on Android will work with a 5G or Wi-Fi connection, with support running on devices ranging from Android 5.0 to Android 12.0 versions. On mobile, JioGamesCloud is included as a new tab in the JioGames app, listing its limited library, sorted by genre. My short time playing with Kingdom Come Deliverance and Saints Row IV on Android was plagued with screen freezes and crashes when new animations were loading. The games seemed to run at the lowest settings possible – as expected – and were plagued with glitches such as screen flickering and audio cuts. However, this seems to be the case with more difficult AAA titles, as I found shallow games like Ben 10 to run butter smooth. It is also worth noting that JioGamesCloud is currently in beta.

On PC, however, performance was much better, if not quite as impressive. In Saints Row IV, I experienced input lag and a slight stutter that was most noticeable when moving the camera. The game was apparently running on the lowest possible settings – and the graphics settings are not accessible on both Android and PC, forbidding you to tinker with the settings to get the best framerate. Kingdom Come Deliverance, on the other hand, combats the lag problem by incorporating motion blur, which was too annoying for my liking. It would be nice if I could slow it down a bit.

JioGamesCloud brings Nvidia GeForce Now

Currently, the library of games on JioGamesCloud is quite limited, though it plans to “continue to enrich” over time. Reliance has apparently tied up with Nvidia to bring GeForce Now through JioGamesCloud, as confirmed by a supporter group member on the official Discord channel. The claim is strengthened by a leaked screenshot from the set-top box version, with a GeForce tab that lists titles like Watch Dogs 2, Destiny 2, and Trackmania.

JioGamesCloud games library

As of now, there are not many AAA or known options, save the few listed below:

JioGamesPlay is now available for free in early access on desktop browser, JioGames Android app, and JioFiber set-top box. It is expected to be a subscription-based offering once it leaves beta testing. While there’s no word on the exact launch, a member of the Discord support group noted that it could happen in January 2023.

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