Twitter Blue Price Goes Up To $7.99 With Blue Tick Confirmation

Twitter has released an update to its iOS app that introduces a new Twitter Blue subscription that new owner and CEO Elon Musk has been promoting with his tweets. The most interesting thing is that Twitter Blue subscribers will automatically receive a blue marker badge on their profiles, which was previously only given to verified accounts of companies, celebrities, and public figures. Now, the “blue tick” will be something Twitter users have to pay for. The price of Twitter Blue has increased to $ 7.99 per month in the US from $ 4.99, and Musk has indicated that this will be measured by the purchasing power of other countries. According to the iOS app update release notes, the new ‘Twitter Blue with verification’ will be available first in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Without the blue verification badge, Twitter Blue subscribers will see half as many ads, and those they do see will reportedly be twice as effective per user. The release notes also indicate that subscribers will be able to post longer videos and their content will rank higher in search results as well as reply threads and mention lists. On the other hand, the ability to read articles on participating sites without ads has already been reduced as a feature of Twitter Blue despite the price increase. Musk also suggested that the ability to edit tweets will be available to everyone soon, as opposed to only Twitter Blue subscribers.

While an update to the Twitter app has appeared on the App Store, it seems that these features may not be available to everyone just yet. An account that says it belongs to a Twitter employee “early products”, although it does not have a verification badge, wrote on Twitter that the new subscription plan for Blue is not yet available, as the test is still ongoing as the changes are carried out live as soon as possible. Others tweeted screenshots of the Twitter Blue signup page. It is also not clear yet or when the program will roll out to other countries and users on other platforms will be able to sign up.

Twitter has not revealed what will happen to current Twitter Blue subscribers. However, it is possible that everyone who currently has a verification badge but does not choose to pay the registration fee will lose it. While the company presents current and potential subscribers as “supporting Twitter in the fight against bots”, this change will tip the balance of exposure on the platform in favor of those willing to pay for it and could make it harder to gain authority. posts, sources of information.

The change to Twitter Blue is one of many things Musk has tweeted about. Most notably, he initially proposed a $20 (roughly Rs. 1,639) fee for the widely recognized authentication token. While he says this is intended to reduce spam on the platform and make it harder for bots to succeed, Musk wasted no time in making significant changes to diversify his investment.

Since taking over the company and firing the former CEO and the entire board of directors, Musk has been making headlines. Twitter began a massive cost-cutting and layoff campaign this week, cutting an estimated 50 percent of its workforce including its entire team and a large portion of its Indian workforce. Musk also reportedly wanted all remote workers to report to the office, and brought in several Tesla engineers and consultants from other companies to help fix Twitter’s business.


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