Twitter Down? Users Report Login Problems, Web Service Access Problems

Twitter users on Friday reported problems with the microblogging site, including being unable to access their feed. Many users reported that they were unable to access the website. A popup that reads “Something went wrong, but don’t worry – try again” appears when the feed page starts to load.

“I can’t access Twitter and get an error message…Something went wrong, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Try again,” the social media user wrote. It is reported that the outage started around 03:00 and saw a major spike around 07:00.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been in the news for other reasons too, thanks to Elon Musk. Last week, he took over Twitter and fired its top executives.

He also started demolishing many people today. According to an unsigned internal memo seen by The Verge, Twitter employees were notified via email that the layoffs were about to begin.

Employees will receive an email at 9am PST (9:30pm IST) on November 4 confirming whether or not they have been laid off, according to an internal memo, which also states that employee badge access to Twitter offices will be “temporarily” disabled.

“We agree that this is a huge challenge that you have to go through, whether you are involved or not,” the memo read. “Thank you for continuing to follow Twitter’s policies that prohibit you from discussing confidential company information on social media, with the media or elsewhere,” it added.

Musk is expected to cut about half of Twitter’s approximately 7,500 employees. He has already hinted at job cuts at Twitter, telling employees at a town hall meeting this summer that there needs to be a “statistical adjustment” on the social media platform.

In April, Twitter accepted Musk’s proposal to buy and privatize the social media service. However, Musk soon began to cast doubt on his intentions to pursue the deal, saying the company failed to adequately disclose the number of spam and fake accounts on the service.

In July, in a surprise move, Musk, who had long shown interest in buying Twitter, called off the deal. Tesla’s CEO did so by alleging that Twitter violated their purchase agreement by misrepresenting the number of spam and fake bot accounts on its site.

After Musk announced the termination of the deal, the market fell sharply. Later, Twitter sued Musk accusing him of using bots as an excuse to get out of the deal. Also, last week, Musk confirmed that he will go ahead with the purchase of Twitter at the initially agreed price of $54.20 (about Rs. 4,420) per share.

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