Why it is imperative that you have insurance

What is insurance? That is why it is imperative that you have insurance

Insurance has become a very familiar word to us nowadays. There are many insurance companies in the streets of the country. But how much do you know?

What about this insurance? Let’s discuss this in detail today. What insurance do I have with you today? Why do insurance? I will discuss all the types of insurance. Let’s go then

let’s start Nowadays many of us have many misconceptions about insurance. Many people think that insurance is a kind of investment scheme where money is

deposited. Later on Interest can be withdrawn from this deposit. Just like we do savings scheme, fixed deposit or mutual fund in different banks. But insurance

In this way, depositing money and withdrawing interest from that money in the future is not a means of earning. This is where most people do not understand the difference between an income and an investment scheme. through insurance

You can never earn direct profit. However, through the insurance scheme, you can get a good amount of money in exchange for various losses that may occur in the future, i.e. it can also be called compensation for that loss.

So, even if you don’t get any money directly through insurance, the insurance company will pay you a good amount of money for various losses or problems that may occur in your life in the future.

will give Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose, you have taken your own health insurance from a health insurance company. Insurance company

With your contract every year you have to pay 3 thousand rupees as premium. Now for your premium of Rs 3000 every year you get Rs

will not be given But if you have any health related problem in future and require hospitalization for it. In that case, the entire cost of the hospital is borne by the insurance company

The higher your premium you pay to the insurance company, the more the insurance company will pay you for any loss. So insurance

is a contract where, in return for a small premium (money), various losses you may incur in the future such as:- loss of house, loss of property, loss of vehicle, loss of health, theft or death

And many other types of damage can result in better compensation from the insurance company. There are different types of insurance. And if you want, you can definitely keep insurance in various cases

But 8 types of insurance are more popular i.e. people are seen doing these insurance more.

Life Insurance
Health insurance.
General Insurance (General Insurance).
Accidental Insurance (Accidental Insurance).
Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance).
House insurance (Building insurance).
Fire Insurance.
Property Insurance (Property Insurance).
General Insurance.
Basically, the insurance that is not related to your life or that is not related to life insurance, all those insurances are kept under general insurance.

So mainly there are two types of insurance. Life Insurance and General Insurance. All types of insurance other than life insurance are general insurance.

What is life insurance? (What Is Life Insurance)
Life insurance is a type of insurance where an individual pays a premium to an insurance company on a regular basis. For the purpose of getting a good amount of money after a certain period or after the death of the person.

What are the requirements of life insurance?
If you have a family and only you meet the financial needs of your family then taking a term life insurance is very important for you.

Term life insurance is a type of insurance where, if the insured person dies due to any reason, a fixed amount is paid to his family after his death. And how much money your family will get depends on the premium you pay. The higher the sum insured value, the higher the premium you have to pay.

So, what is life insurance or life insurance and why is life insurance necessary, I hope you have understood well.

What is the need for health insurance?
One of the most important insurances nowadays is health insurance. Even if you have to be hospitalized for any small reason, you will have to spend a lot of money.

If you have to be admitted to the hospital once, you will feel how the money will go away from your hands like water. In this case if you have a health insurance then when you have to pay a lot of money to the hospital, you don’t have to pay a single penny yourself.

The entire hospital expenses or the entire hospital expenses to the extent of your sum insured value, will be paid by the insurance company. Let’s see for yourself why health insurance is so important these days.

What is general insurance? (What Is General Insurance)
General insurance is a type of insurance, which includes all types of insurance except life insurance. Means, all types of insurance are included in general insurance which are not related to human life in any way. Or, to put it another way, your health

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