YouTube Removed 56 Lakhs Videos Worldwide From Its Platform In Q3 2022

YouTube has removed 5.6 million (56 lakhs) videos from its site in the month of July and September 2022 for violating its community guidelines.

The platform received around 2,71,000 takedown requests within two months. After a review, it returned about 29,000 complaints, YouTube said in a recent update blog,

From July to September of this year, out of every 10,000 views, between 10 and 11 were content that violated community guidelines, said YouTube in a blog written jointly by Matt Halprin, Vice President, Global Head of Trust and Safety and Jennifer Flannery O.’ Connor, Vice President, Product Management, YouTube.

YouTube also tracks the number of complaints submitted by creators in response to removed videos, as this helps to gain a clearer understanding of the accuracy of its systems.

Community guidelines are about language and speech.

According to the blog, as the global video-sharing platform works to keep its policies up-to-date, the guidance is focused on one major goal — preventing serious real-world harm.

According to the blog, avoiding serious harm from the real world, however, does not mean that it will remove all offensive content from YouTube as it generally believes that “open debate and free speech” lead to the best results for society.

“But we’re careful to draw a line around content that could cause serious harm to our users or the platform,” the blog said.

Youtube said it is working closely with NGOs, academics, and relevant experts from all sides and countries to inform this policy review.

“We watch dozens or hundreds of videos to understand what it means to draw different policy lines. Drawing a policy line does not mean one video; it’s about thinking about the impact on all videos, which will be removed and which can stay under the new guidance. Following this comprehensive review, the team shares various options for policy lines, confirming that it details examples of videos that will be removed or approved individually (and different enforcement actions, such as removal versus age restriction),” it added.

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